We have designed our services specifically help children

Parents face a number of barriers to getting good eye care for their children, after 13 years looking after kids and families with eye problems we’ve found creative ways to beat them:
  • Child & parent focused and specific services
  • Clever, cutting edge technology
  • Providing high-quality kids glasses ourselves: tough, good looking, light (the best lenses)
  • Making sure every family can access free or very reasonable care
Subsidised eyecare
What cost is there to me?
What isn't covered by a subsidy
Here are some common problems parents have trying to find eye care

Your child seemed to have good vision, then ‘failed’ a pre-school eye test – why?

You don’t know whether what you have seen or are worried about is a concern or not

Someone has told you that the problem will go away on it’s own, or that it isn’t treated until the child is older

A teacher at school thinks your child has a ‘tracking’ problem or some eye reason that they may be finding reading difficult

What options does my child have to fix their vision? Can it be done with surgery, are glasses really necessary?

Can a child wear a contact lens?

An Optometrist has seen your child and diagnosed a vision problem that requires bifocal lenses in glasses, reading glasses, coloured glasses, or “vision therapy” – will this help, and should I spend hundreds of dollars on the glasses they have recommended?

You have seen an Optometrist who didn’t really seem to know what to do about your child’s eye problem, their eye may still be turning or their vision poor in 1 eye, or there is no clear plan – what should you do?