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Do you have more selection?

“Free glasses?” Is that even possible?

We specialise in providing glasses and patches to children aged 0 to 8 who have poor vision or a ‘squint’. Because we can provide these at no cost (or little cost) to families who have a Community services card we list all of our products as ‘subsidised’.

They are not ‘free’ – the Enable* spectacle or higher spectacle subsidy is covering the cost if your child meets their requirements. It is far to complicated to be able to quote you accurately on what subsidy your child will have available before we have their details when you make an order.

Because we are providing a service we work with you to clarify the subsidy, the most appropriate frame and lenses, and advise you if there is to be any part charge before you need to decide whether to go ahead.

*We need a letter or prescription from your child’s eye specialist, as well as their details including date of birth, hospital number, and then one parent or child with a valid card, or child with High-user card. Once we receive these it is a quick process to find out the available subsidy, which determines the cost.


You can come into the Children’s Specialist Center to try on frames, we do have a large range of styles, fits/sizes and colours for smaller children, toddlers and babies.