Affordable, hypo-allergenic eye patches for treating poor vision

Colourful, non-irritant eye patches that are safe to use on the skin of babies and young children.

A ‘pirate’ or “fit over” patch that sits on a child’s glasses lens, or straps around their head is, unfortunately, not very effective at treating poor vision. There are a few very complaint children, or those whose vision is not all that bad, who resist the convenience of turning their face a little so they can see around the edge of the patch – maybe just nudge it aside…..usually they don’t even reallise what they are doing.

10 years and well over 2000 kids with amblyopia treated have taught me that the only ways to actually improve vision in an eye the brain is choosing to suppress is to give it no choice. An adhesive patch that completely covers the preferred eye does this extremely well, and Atropine 1% drops used 2 or 3 days each week also is highly effective, and even more able to defeat compliance problems. “Fit-over” patches are just used when I want to maintain vision, ie for an hour a day and the vision in the ‘bad’ eye is almost normal.


patch colours
  1. Subsidised: patches from the chemist are expensive ($1.50 each, brown & uncomfortable)
  2. Your optometrist may charge you even when they should apply for the subsidy & make them free 
  3. You do need a letter or note from the specialist looking after your child with the diagnosis.
  4. A valid community services card (or High user for the child)
  5. That makes patches free
  6. Because of the high cost of Ortopad for us to purchase we reserve these for babies and children who have reacted to the coloured patches (very rarely an issue).