What do we have to offer?

  • Trained Specialists 16 years training and well over 11 years experience looking after complex children’s eye problems is what you benefit from with our Eye Surgeon, Dr Antony Bedggood. Add a skilled Orthoptist with over 12 years experience looking after complex eye problems, an experienced Children’s Optometrist, skilled Ophthalmic assistant, and an experienced glasses technician and vision screener…Your child is going to get the best possible care.

  • Subsidies for Children

    Subsidies for Children

    Subsidised Eye Care up to age 16 If a parent, child or caregiver has a Community Services Card, or your child has a High-user card, then we make the initial full assessment free of any charge. If your child has poor vision in 1 eye or a misaligned eye (‘Squint’) then all of the follow-up visits, and the glasses and patches that are needed to get normal vision back are also free. We have made it our mission to remove any barrier to your child achieving good vision.

  • Kids glasses and contacts

    Kids glasses and contacts

    The best products at the best prices We have a great range of frames for young children, all with warranties, and we stand by you with great service. Contact lenses in children is one other area we specialise in. 


Free screening checks

  • No appointment required
  • Wednesday and Friday 10 til 2pm
  • Clear advice and follow-up assessments
  • Great if parents or brothers and sisters had problems
  • Completely free for everyone up to age 15
  • Detects focus error and misaligned eyes early
  • Treatment results in normal vision for life
  • Quick, child-friendly
  • Repeat checks are used to ensure there is no problem
  • Full eye tests can be arranged

Come & see us – “The best kid’s eye checks”

An eye test is so easy to do, and most children don’t need glasses or have anything wrong – you’ll probably leave relieved. We also only give glasses when your child really needs them, such as when they have poor vision in 1 eye (amblyopia), or a misaligned eye.

Because you and your child may not be aware of what symptoms mean, or they may compensate for problems, it is really really important to have an eye test if you think there might be a problem, or when there is a family history of childhood eye conditions.

Meet our Team

Dr Antony Bedggood
Eye surgeon
MBChB (Otago 1996) distinction in Medicine and Surgery. Training and later practicing eye surgeon in Wellington & then Christchurch from 2000, with a 1 year Paediatric Ophthalmology fellowship at the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital 2007 to 2008. Antony is the only children's sub-specialist Ophthalmologist in the South Island, leading this service at Christchurch Public Hospital, with a special interest in cataract, retinal and neuro-ophthalmic disease in children, and a large strabismus practice.
Catherine Small
Lora Parsons
Marie Yeo
Ophthalmic technician
Emma Nickless
Ophthalmic assistant & dispenser