Adhesive eye patches (90)


We have blue, green, purple and pink patches at present.

Krafty patches are a medium size that fit children from age 1 to 8 comfortably. They are soft, molding to the nose and around the eye, and have a hypo-allergenic adhesive which works best at the temperature of our skin.

Latex-free, breathable, and able to last a full patching session of up to 6 hours or more.

Choose a selection of colours, with 3 groups to make up 90 patches. You could choose 30 blue, 30 green and 30 purple! That will usually last you the 3 month period that amblyopia treatment usually runs on before your next check.

*Please see Enable subsidy terms and conditions. We reserve the right to not complete a ‘sale’ for any order made through our website, and only supply New Zealand residents.

If we have a certain colour on back-order we will let you know and you can have more of any other available.



patch colours

90 patches

Additional information

Community services card

When your child needs eye patches they are free if either parent or the child have a community services card. Call or email us for details.