Centrostyle Active flex

Italian made ruggid, flexible, great looking frames for children aged from around 9 months with a variety of sizes available.

We have 3 or 4 different translucent colours. $189 includes prescription polycarbonate lenses which are shatter proof (the same material ‘Okleys’ are made of), up to powers of +3.50 or +1.50 astigmatism. For higher powered lenses an added cost for lens thinning or high-index lens material will be required to get light, easy to wear glasses.

Free case, temple adjustment, and earlocks.

These frames tend to fit well and stay on your child’s face due to the special molding of the temple arms. They used to come with a springy strap but this style are no longer available.

The Special price listed is only applicable if you are eligible for an Enable subsidy and have subsidy available (we determine this through the Enable web-portal) or a Higher spectacle subsidy (this also covers the cost of higher power lenses).

We reserve the right to not supply any item and to inform you of any costs that will be applicable prior to proceeding with your order.