Kidspecs Mini


Tough frames for babies aged up to around 9 to 18 months (depending on the size of their face).

5 or 6 different colours. These usually cost $139, this includes prescription polycarbonate lenses which are shatter proof (the same material ‘Oakleys’ are made of). The enable subsidy reliably covers this for at least one excellent quality pair of glasses each year*.

Free case, cleaning cloth, shipping (or temple adjustment at our clinic).

Warranty: any defect in the 1st 3 months and if the coating of the lenses fails we will cover this. Scratches can’t be stopped in Children’s lenses sometimes so we don’t replace them for free but will help you to do so for a low cost. Our frames hardly ever break.

The subsidised price depends on whether you are eligible for an enable subsidy, have subsidy available or a Higher spectacle subsidy (this also covers the cost of higher power lenses).