What does a child’s eye test cost?


Screening test

  • From age 3 months
  • Free for children <16
  • Fast & accurate
  • No appointment needed

Subsidised full eye tests

  • Community services card
  • Child with High-user card
  • No referral needed
  • Expert specialist care

Southern Cross Preferred Provider

  • Automatic pre-approval
  • No need to pay and claim back
  • Extra services
  • Child & parent friendly

Glasses, patches & contacts for children

  • Great frames for ages 0 to 8
  • Warranties for 1 to 2 years
  • Excellent pricing & subsidies
  • Tough, good looking frames

Your Child’s Eyesight is safe here

We provide comprehensive eye care for children

Whatever is the best treatment for your child’s eye problem – that is what we provide. Our options aren’t limited to just one thing as we specialise in medical, surgical and optical (glasses, contact lenses) solutions. We provide independent advice as we are running a service, not a retail store.

Whether for a serious problem or a simple question, tough glasses frames for a toddler or a complex operation – we enjoy talking to parents, and make kids at home.

  • Get the answers you need
Full eye test: measuring vision in each eye, focus & alignment. Most children less than 5 require pupil dilation, and all have a detailed examination of the retina and optic nerve. This check can take 1 hour.

Screening eye test: using child-specific technology that makes measurement of the focus and alignment easy. This is a great way of quickly deciding if a child does potentially have an important eye problem, and is a great choice if a parent or sibling had eye problems as a child – these do run in families.

Follow-up tests: are usually around 15minutes as dilation of the pupil is not required so often. We check vision, alignment, focus & whether glasses are correct.

Orthoptist tests: a comprehensive follow-up visit with Lora who is skilled at assessment of vision in young children and the treatment of amblyopia, strabismus and glasses.

Myopia clinic: our Myopia clinic provides excellent care for children who have progressive myopia. Visits are usually every 6 months and include axial length and focus assessment..

Imaging and investigations: Retinal photography, OCT scans and visual field tests are sometimes required in children.

Glasses made of flexible, tough TR90 (A hypoallergenic plastic-like material), and hardened steel with flexible temples and hinges. Most of our frames have a 1 to 2 year warranty. Ages 0 to 8 are our specialty, we stock many leading brands and can source almost anything you want.

Hypoallergenic breathable patches in fun colours and designs.

Soft contact lenses for all sorts of problems in childhood. We fit these, help you and your child learn how to use them, follow up with regular checks & help you find the least expensive supply.

Full comprehensive eye test: $230, we will reduce this if it was a shorter check or simple problem, and specialty tests can be included in the cost.

Community services or High-user card: no charge – there is a subsidy available for a full 1st check, we don’t charge you any more – so you get the best specialist care easily.

Southern Cross & often NIB: Your policy pays us directly, which means no hassles having to submit invoices or get pre-approval. Other insurers will reimburse you as the visit has been to a Specialist*.

Follow-up tests: $130, covered by insurance and by the community services card subsidy*.

Orthoptist follow-up, and Myopic clinic visits: $85 no charge for Community Service Card holders

Optometrist assessment: $120 for a 1 hour initial consultation, including complex testing (added value between $110 to $200), $95 for follow-up.

Initial fitting of a contact lenses: $200.

Most eye surgery for children is to correct strabismus (squint), blocked tear ducts, cataract & other less common problems.

Dr Bedggood performs over 300 children’s eye operations each year, much more than anyone else in the South Island. Correcting strabismus and cataract in children are his areas of particular expertise.